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SPECIAL SCHOOL functions under the Government of Kerala Social Justice Dept. The vision of the school is to empower the physically and intellectually challenged children through education and training.

There are three special educators and twenty students. We compulsorily make the parents to stay with the child during school time.

The classes are divided into three namely pre-primary, primary one, primary two. We divide the classes based on the age and ability of the students. Pre-primary children study the ADL skill and train in motor activities. Primary one and two follow the academic skill Reading, writing, and drawing. An Individual education programme is planned for each child after considering their ability and age. We also train them in art and craft, music and sports.

We are providing effective classes and seminars for parents and we celebrate all festivals and other special days like Onam, Christmas, Disability Day, Anniversary, etc.. On these days, we conduct student’s sports and cultural programmes.

We have a good sensory room and play area. We provide vehicles for students transportation on specific routes.

SS Students

School Procedure

- School time : 10am to 3 pm. Monday to Friday

- Students age : 4 to 15 years.

Admission Procedure

- One week observation

- Take case history

- Take Assessment

- Goal Setting for 3 months

- Evaluation

- We give more emphasis to Cerebral Palsy affected child.