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The services of Social Work Department in NIPMR provide a comprehensive and effective social work service to patients and their families. In the modern era of varied and complex disabilities for which the medical science is unable to give a complete solution, the functions of a Social Worker attains much importance. Our Social Work team with their knowledge of the dynamics of human behaviour as well as skills in establishing purposeful relations tries to understand the patient as a ‘person’, his Psychological-biological social and economic conditions, his attitude towards health problems, his relationship with the family, taps the community resources and act as a liaison between the patient and community.

Services Provided

  1. Patient care services 
  2. Bio-psycho-socio-vocational and economic assessment.

Social Workers assess the patient, preferably in their first visit itself with detailed case history on various aspects of biological, psychological, social, vocational, and economical. The focus is on identifying positive factors for habilitation and rehabilitation of these patients. Any barriers for them will also be listed into care plan.

  1. Management and formulation of comprehensive treatment plan

As part of multidisciplinary team, SW’s informs other members of the health care team about various factors which may affect the patients’ health and wellbeing, participation in therapy programmes. And help with the development of effective treatment plan.

  1. Counselling services
  • Social Work services provide counselling to people with various forms of disabilities to help them adjust to their disabilities.
  • Parental counselling and family counselling: All couples look forward to having normal healthy babies. The issues of disabilities in their children shake the families and serve as sources of severe psychological disruption to family adjustment. The parents of such children live with many difficult issues and frequently experience trauma, grief and stress. Intervention programmes are necessary part of the process involved in supporting families with children with special educational needs. Most families of children with special educational    needs find it difficult to accept them due to ignorance, superstitious beliefs, pride, fear misconception and misinformation. Hence, counselling is very needed by parents, grandparents, siblings etc. of children with special educational needs for enlightening. Families of children with special educational needs need counselling so as to bring about behavioural change, positive mental health, problem resolution, personal effectiveness and decision making (Obi, 1998).
  • Counselling services to nearby schools students: As part of outreach programmes of NIPMR the Social Workers provides counselling services to the nearby School students
  1. Liaison and coordination activities
  1. Patient – team members effective and purposeful communication
  2. Team meeting
  • For Out patients
  • For special school students
  1. Group therapy

Group therapy is very important for socialisation process and thus Social Workers conduct group therapy for out patients and special school students. Through group therapy even life skills of the child itself changes.


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  1. Parental support group and recreational group.

Research indicates that parents of children with special educational needs children are particularly vulnerable to stress, for example, high levels of distress have been found in up to 70% of mothers and 30% of fathers of severely children with special educational needs (Sloper and Turner, 1993). In addition, both the general psychological literature and specific studies of children with special educational needs show that parental distress and family functioning impact on children in numerous ways, affecting their cognitive, behavioural and social development (Wallander and Varni, 1998). Thus, lack of parent support and high levels of parental distress will affect the child’s well-being (Middleton, 1995). Thus we are doing parental support group, currently there are 3 support groups

  • Autism special school parents
  • Cerebral palsy special school parents
  • Group therapy parents
  1. Home visits

Home visits are important for many different reasons. As part of case work of each student in NIPMR, the concerned Social Worker used to visit the home of the student and analysis the situations of the child in home environment. And also if needed the Social Worker arrange Home visit of Out patients with Multidisciplinary team.

Visiting the homes of children is important in knowing how to support them.

  1. Outreach programmes
  • Rehab on wheels
  • Early intervention camps
  • Public awareness programmes
  • Other camps etc.
  1. Training and education
  • Coordinating various training programmes in NIPMR
  • Institutional visits
  • Providing internship programmes to Social Work trainees.




  1. Administration and documentation

Documentation is necessary as far as any institution is concerned and here Social Workers are responsible for the documentation works.