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It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new web home. I hope you have a fruitful visit and find out what you are looking for. NIPMR came into existence as an autonomous body under Social Justice Department, Govt. of Kerala in January 2016. Although the name has changed to denote our national outlook and expansion of services, we are the same group of people here to serve your needs.

NIPMR is a unique institute in Kerala dedicated to the assessment and therapy of children and adults with multiple disabilities especially Cerebral Palsy and other associated disorders. We are expanding our services so that we can reach more population with complex needs in rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy procedures are the central part of the services available in this institute. Associated services such as speech assessment and therapy, psychological assessment and therapy are also available. Currently NIPMR has a special school on campus for children with CP. However, the goal of this school is to be a transition and preparation place for children to progress on to an integrated environment. Recently we have added the service of two Occupational Therapists for improving the range of services in the process of rehabilitation.

Now our Sensory Integration room and Audio and Speech Science labs is fully functional. We also plan to have a sensory garden in the campus. We are planning for expanding our physiotherapy services to include innovative procedures. Hydrotherapy service is one of the facilities planned for immediate future. There are other plans that are slowly taking shape.

In 2016 August we started an outreach program called ‘Rehab on Wheels’ thanks to the Petronet Corporation for their generous gift of a customized ambulance. We have customized this vehicle so that we can conduct audiology and physiotherapy procedures in remote villages. On a monthly basis our team visits nearby villages and provide services for those who are not able to come to our campus.

Our future goals include establishing a prosthetics lab and an earmold lab where necessary accessories required and recommended by the experts can be fabricated in-house.

NIPMR is poised to grow as a centre of excellence that provides therapeutical services for individuals with complex needs.

Please feel free to visit us on campus if your travels bring you to Kerala State in India. We are located not far from Kochi international airport and Irinjalakuda railway station. If you are coming by road, we are between two national highway roads NH 66 and NH 17 in the north-central part of Kerala.

You arealso welcome to give us feedback on the web form or write to me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Thanks for visiting us

Dr. Samuel N Mathew

Executive Director

National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Kallettumkara, Irinjalakuda

Thrissur – 680 683

Kerala, India