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The services of Social Work in RIPMR provides a comprehensive and effective social work service to patients and their families. In the modern era of varied and complex disabilities for which the medical science is unable to give a complete solution, the functions of Social Worker attains much importance. Our Social Worker with their knowledge of the dynamics of human behaviour as well as skills in establishing purposeful relations tries to understand the patient as a ‘person’, his social economic condition, his attitude towards health problems, his relationship with the family, taps community resources and act as a liason between the patient and community.

Services Provided

1. Social Work services provide counseling to people with various forms of disabilities to help them adjust to their disabilities.

2. Social work services serve as liaisons between the family and the service of other departments of the institution.

3. Social Work services intake the patients and assesses patient social, emotional, environmental, and economical and support needs.

4. As part of the service, Social worker informs other members of the health care team about these factors which may affect the patients’ health and well being.

5. Social Worker participate as a member of health care team to identify the patients’ needs with the help of combined assessment programme (CAP) and develop a treatment plan.

6. Social Worker also coordinates in the outreach and training programme.